Motor Acceleration Studies

Enhance Safety and Reliability



Motor Acceleration Studies are essential to power systems engineers whose responsibilities include the operation of large motors under a safe and highly reliable environment.

ETAP is the most flexible and accurate solution to perform Motor Acceleration Studies on any system, regardless of the project stage and available input data; from conceptual design, to FEED, to daily operations.

This webinar will make use of the IEEE Std. 3002.7 (formerly Brown Book) - Recommended Practice for Conducting Motor-Starting Studies and Analysis of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems, and will include the following;

·         Impact Motor Starting Analysis

·         Data Requirements and Motor Parameter Estimation

·         Dynamic Motor Starting

·         Motor Acceleration using Transient Stability

·         Utilize Automated Motor Start and Result Analyzer  -  New in ETAP 20



July 8, 9:00 am PDT

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July 9, 9:30 am GMT+1

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